CNC Contest 2019


With the CNC Contest DAB supports young talent training
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In line with its corporate philosophy - made by people for people - DAB supports this training project for new resources, that are ready to take concrete opportunities for their careers. Theoretical skills, precision and excellent programming skills: are the winning cards to win the title of best turner in Italy.

Believing in the talent of young people means investing in the future. With this in mind, DAB Pumps has decided to support the CNC Contest – Campionato italiano Tornitori 2019, the tour that through 12 recruiting days has selected the most promising youngsters of each territory, determined to challenge each other to win the title of best turner in Italy. The initiative, promoted by Randstad Technical, the specialty of Randstad dedicated to research, selection and management of qualified resources in the metalworking, metallurgical and electro-technical fields, was born in collaboration with Siemens Italia - technological partner - and Cnos-Fap, with godmother companies DAB Pumps and Salvagnini Italia. The objective of DAB is to turn the spotlight on a professional figure much in demand by companies but equally difficult to find on the market, with adequate qualifications and experience. In fact, the project aims to train "aspirants in the race" - even with a different educational background as long as they are strongly motivated to learn - to make them turners of tomorrow. Precisely for this reason, DAB will offer young people a training day on October, the 11th in its own factory in San Germano, in view of the ability test.

At the end of the training course, participants will be able to enter the stage on October, the 16th in San Bonifacio, where they will test themselves in programming a machine tool, using four computers with a Siemens simulator. The programmer who will reach the highest score will gain access to the final scheduled for November 27th and 28th at the Siemens Technology Center (TAC) in Piacenza, where he will compete with the best aspiring turners of the other cities involved, trying his hand at producing a turning piece. The final test will decide who is the best aspiring turner in Italy in 2019.

“DAB Pumps is proud to participate in this training and support initiative for young people who are maturing their professional path. - says Alice Faggian, HR contact for the CNC contest - This contest is an opportunity for all parties involved: for young people who have the opportunity to test and show their skills; for companies that can identify new talents to hire as qualified personnel and for the economy of the territory that benefits from a more agile and connected labor market. "

Always looking for new dynamic resources that with a spirit of initiative know how to integrate with their team, DAB Pumps once again confirms its participation in the enhancement of training projects, trying to stimulate talented young people to seize new opportunities, able to give greater boost to their career.