New technologies at DAB plant in Bientina
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DAB invests in innovation and technology with a new mechanical press into its producing area of the Tuscan DAB plant. A new injection moulding press for printing great size plastic pieces will be activated in May 2017 in Bientina.

The advantages can be easily recognized in speed, production efficiency, flexibility, higher productivity, the possibility to control remotely the operations and the integration of functions. This mechanical press has a clamping force of 900 tons and thanks to a new hydraulics closing system it needs less space with a size of 10x3,4x2,5 metres.

The project has been started since October 2016 with the strategic interdepartmental DAB collaboration between industrialization, production, purchasing office, quality and procurement department.

The new press is Wittmann-Battenfeld branded and will offer 30% energy saving compared to standard systems.