Where: China
Installator: Mr. Liuzhentie
Client: Shunyi district government
Channel: Residential Building Service
Applications: Heating, Conditioning
Products: 2 K


In Beijing the climate can be extreme: houses need heating during the harsh winter and cooling in the sweltering summers. Water chillers are used as conditioning systems, since they are compact, they can work in both seasons (as heat pump during winter), they are easier to install compared to boilers. Also, chillers use electricity instead of fuel, and this helps a lot: facilities are simpler, air pollution is decreased. Beijing in fact is sadly famous for its air pollution, and the government is now taking big actions against. The whole project about this villages was called “from coal to electricity”.

In this dynamic scenario where energy saving and environment protection matter, DAB Pumps made friendly solutions to meet the requirement from customers and gained orders around 20.000 water circulation pumps, one for each chiller unit in 20 villages, each village counting approximately 1000 houses. The business was huge! DAB offered a customized product: a special version of K pump double impeller 18/30, protection rate IP55 against raining outside, with resistance to high temperature (up to 100°C) and power 0.75 kW. This pump has been preferred to a standard circulator because the bigger head and the easier maintenance. The “from coal to electricity” project started with Beihe Village in Liqiao town and Long Wan Tun town. Then it is extending to further 18 villages. DAB pumps are also ready to serve more villages both in Beijing and other areas in China, to make contributions to the common goal of sharing a blue sky.