Where: Spain
Installator: SIEPER S.A.
Client: Hotel Ritz-Carlton in Tenerife
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Water Boosting
Products: Esybox, ESYTWIN


The Ritz-Carlton Abama Hotel in tenerife is composed by the main hotel (a huge and impressive Arabian style building with reception and traditional services) and a big number of villas in the surrounding area, each with a private garden, swimming pool and beach. Being a luxury hotel, they needed extremely silent booster systems and constant pressure to bathroom services, to guarantee the maximum comfort to customers. The only product that matches their request is E.sybox by DAB Pumps.

The partner Siepel S.A. successfully proposed E.sybox, and took care of the installation. That wasn’t an easy task. Where possible, E.sybox was installed in the technical room. Otherwise, a concrete square sump was placed underground with E.sybox inside, accessible from the top. Obviously, protective actions were taken to avoid any risk: a double air extraction ventilators were installed to prevent humidity condensation inside, and a gutter to drain outside water in case of flooding. The final result is visible on the pictures: the traditional fixed speed pump is for garden watering, while the booster system E.sytwin (made of two E.sybox on a dock station) is for residential constant pressure pressurization.

E.sybox was chosen because it’s the only product in the world with integrated electronic and VFD, integrated pressure tank, integrated pressure sensor and flow meter, constant pressure (with adjustable set-point from 1 to 6 bar), 5-impellers multistage pump, water cooled motor, display with 4 buttons, user-friendly interface, wireless communication with other DAB devices, possibility of remote control (aslo by phone thanks to the innovative APP DConnect by DAB).

E.sybox is also easy to install (ready to use thanks to parameters setting by factory default), it is drinking-water certified (WRAS and ACS certificates), it is compact (especially E.sytwin is 50% less bulky compared to a double pump booster set), it is the most silent pressurization system in the world (only 43 dB). All these features make E.sybox and E.sytwin the envy of everyone. Luckily, it is the flagship of DAB Pumps.