Where: Belgium
Installator: Cofely Engie-Axima
Client: Foodmet
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Fire Fighting
Products: KDN, KVC, KVCX


Anderlecht, like other cities in the Flanders area, maintains the spirit of trade, with many stores and commercial activities operating in any street of the district. One of the main market is the Foodmet, a food court where people can buy their food or stop for a quick lunch during weekend days. The Foodmet is also called Market of Abattoirs, as the building was originally designed as a slaughter house and butchery. After the renewal and the extension of the building, it finally became the covered market as it is today.

Any type of food is available and street food is also served, with vendors offering Italian pizza, German pretzel, French Croque Monsieur or whatever else. Particularly, the vegetables and fruit sections are the most impressive: products coming from all over the world, like red and green chilli peppers, pineapples, coconuts, mangos and papayas make this place the most colourful hall. Being an attraction for locals and visitors, Foodmet is always so crowded during opening time.

Safety on crowded places is of primary importance, and, among other safety measures, a fire-fighting protection system with sprinkler heads was required for the covered market. The big contractor Axima-Cofely took charge of this project, and they choose DAB pumps as the perfect partner for a reliable and high-quality installation. Also, DAB can provide booster set certified according EN 12845, the most common European standard. Two KDN 65-250 were chosen, supplying 100 m3/h each, both with electrical motor 2 poles. The mutual delivery pipe allows the back-up function plus the simultaneous operation. Second pump was optional and not mandatory in this project, that’s why both have electric motor (instead of Diesel engine).

So, let’s go to Foodmet and let’s try any single food of theirs. And do not be afraid to try a spicy chilli pepper: Ají Amarillo, Cayenne, Anchos, Habaneros and Jalapenos are not so formidable anymore, thanks to DAB fire-fighting pumps!