Where: Italy
Client: CITIS
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Water Boosting
Products: Esybox Max


The warm embrace of the early Middle Ages walls of Siena, your gaze wondering on its ancient roads, typically called ‘rioni’, and a good cup of coffee in your hands: this is what awaits the guests of the Albergo Minerva in the morning, a few steps from the city centre. Silence, comfort and functionality are only some of the words which characterize this hotel, and this is what will also be granted by Essemme and DAB. They have proposed an innovative solution to respond to the hydraulic needs of the hotel replacing the previous 3-pumps booster set with a galvanized tank of 1500 litres with the latest arrival in the Esybox Line range, Esybox Max.

The model 2 Esybox Max 60/120 T was chosen to provide water to the 56 exclusive rooms of the hotel. These pumps are not only compliant to certifications for drinkable water, but they also have all the essential components already built-in; thanks to the VFD (Variable Frequency Driver, or inverter) we can provide water at constant pressure to all the utilities in the building, regardless of the different flowrate requests. Esybox Max is ergonomic, silent and easy to handle and install, and grants space, energy and power consumption savings. Moreover, thanks to the integrated Wireless, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication modules and to the DConnect connectivity, we can manage and monitor our system even at a distance.

Silence, comfort and functionality: our mornings will never be the same.