Where: Iran
Installator: Arian Estakhr CO.
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Swimming pool
Products: Euroswim


The 5-floor and 5-star Respina Hotel has been built in an area of 15,000 m2; situated in the heart of Iranian green tea fields, it offers a fantastic view of beautiful Lahijan to its tourists and guests.

In order to make the Hotel as perfect as it is, two prestigious Iranian companies have cooperated in the project of optimizing the construction of the main fountain, the swimming pool and the SPA area:

  • the Arian Estakhr Co enterprise, which is an executive designers and constructors company, provided engineering calculations, all required materials and installation service support.
  • the Spico LTD enterprise, supplier of goods and services and DAB’s exclusive business partner in Iran, provided the latest technological pool pumps EUROSWIM.

The massive project was about re-vamping all the pool attractions of the hotel with new equipment, to be used for the outdoor majestic fountain, the indoor swimming pools, the luxury saunas, and, last but not least, the warm SPA and hot tubs. Even so different, all these applications require high flow pumps which can deal with aggressive water, due to chlorine and chemical additives dissolved in the water to keep it clean and healthy.

The choice for all of them was only one: Euroswim. This pump is distinguished by the higher efficiency and the low power consumption: in the pool application pumps run 24 hour/7 days, the obtained energy saving can be huge. Euroswim is the most silent among constant speed pool pumps, and thanks to the high capacity inlet filter, the bayonet lid, the flanged fittings, it is very simple to install and to maintain.

10 Euroswim were chosen in the range between 0.5 HP to 3 HP. The pumps were installed in a clean technical room, leaving enough space for access and inspections. The pumps work in positive suction head position, and ball valves are placed both in the suction both in the delivery pipeline. The pipeline is good in the diameter, and elbows are placed at the right distance from the pump. Finally, thanks to the particular layout of pipes and valves, back-up function has been guaranteed to most of the pumps, to avoid any risk of downtime.

Well done Arian Estakhr! The chosen layout and the high technology Euroswim pumps represent the state of art of an efficient and performant installation!