Where: France
Installator: Jetly
Client: Fontainebleau Hospital
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Fire Fighting
Products: 1, 2, 3 NKP-G 1, 2, 3 K


The hospital of Fontainebleau is an active structure composed of several ancient buildings: the activity started in the 12th century, as a charity organization giving succour to needy people, then it has extended along the years. In the last century, new buildings have been added (Pavillon Philardeau 1901, Pavillon Matry et Maison de Retraite in 1935, Pavillon Costrejean in 1969, Plateau Technique in 1981, Pavillon Mère-Enfant in 1991) and older buildings are renovated or extended.

The target of this continuous improvement (still ongoing) is to increase the level of performance of the activity and to ensure an adequate level of safety to the environment. The APSAD norm is the fire-fighting standard used in France. This certification attests the security and the quality of firefighting systems in France, prescribing the technical features and their operating specifications.

In the product range of DAB Pumps, there is a specific selection of firefighting systems that comply the APSAD norm requirements: specifically, 2K booster set or 2xNKP-G booster set are the valuable solutions for French market. In February 2017 DAB has increased its APSAD firefighting systems range with the CPI control panel. In fact, since a couple of years, the normative APSAD has been updated: for the most elevated hazard classes and/or for public structures, it is recommended to install an electric control panel on the firefighting systems with Control for Permanent Isolation (C.P.I.). This control constantly assures the APSAD group electrical connections are adequately isolated by earth connection. It is an essential commitment to fulfil, in order to safeguard the consumers from every type of risk and to prevent the breakdowns that could jeopardize the continuity of service.

In the Fontainebleau Hospital, two firefighting systems 2NKP-G 32-160.1/166 3 T 400/50 CPI APSAD have been installed to substitute two old APSAD systems. Each group has two NKP-G pumps with Power = 3 kW each. The control panel is certified according to the APSAD E2 GJ 3 T CPI regulations.