Where: Pakistan
Installator: Metron International
Client: Qayyum Associates
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Water Boosting, Waste Water
Products: KDN, FK, FEKA 2000


The young Akhuwat University is known for being the first University in Pakistan which allows worthy and brilliant students to follow their passion for education and learning without asking them to pay for this right. One of their mottos is, indeed, ‘EARN AND GIVE. LEARN AND TEACH.’

DAB Pumps has made its contribution to this relevant project by providing high quality pumps for pressurization and sewage. Specifically, the products were 6 x KDN 65-250 with cast iron impeller (250 mm diameter), 2 x FKC 65 (2.2 kW), 2 x FKC 65 (3.0 kW), 2 x FEKA 2030 (2.2 kW).

A university building is a high-demanding structure in terms of water-moving, comparable to an industry, superior than hotels or commercial centres. Hundreds of students live in the building at the same time, and a big number of bathrooms contemporary give fresh water to the taps and drain waste water to collection tanks.

DAB Pumps centrifugal standardised pumps KDN type were chosen as a booster system for their peculiarity to provide big flow. They are normalised pumps, this means motor and hydraulic are separated, and connected by a spacer junction. This makes the maintenance and the replacement easier in case of necessity. Normalised pumps are strongly suggested in public installations, where using standard components is a must. Even being standardised, KDN pumps are different because of their higher efficiency and reliability compared to other similar pumps.

We can say the same for the new FK sewage pump, one of the last product developed by DAB Pumps, and one of the best in the market. IE3 high efficiency electric motor, single cartridge mechanical seal, oil chamber with a second mechanical seal, moisture sensor, thermal protection, anti-clogging vortex impeller, installation kit, adaptability for retrofit, full range of accessories – all of these characteristics make FK an obvious choice when dealing with sewage in the range between 1.1 kW to 11 kW.

Thanks to a good and strict collaboration with the sales agent Metron International, based in the near city of Lahore, and with the contractor Qayyum Associates, providing legal representation, documentation and consultancy services, the project was a great success. Here, we do not only mean technologic and equipment success, but it’s a humanitarian success. This university can be a new step of a progressive change, until the right to education is guaranteed worldwide.