Where: Indonesia
Installator: Mr. Made Mudana
Client: Bulgari Hotel
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Swimming pool
Products: Euroswim


In 2001 Bulgari formed a joint venture with the Luxury Division of Marriott International, to launch Bulgari Hotels & Resorts around the world. They started with three structures at first (Milan in 2004, Bali in 2006 and London in 2012), then Beijing (2017), Dubai (2017) and Shanghai (2018) were added. Moscow, Paris and Tokyo will be the next ones.

The Bulgari Hotel Resort in Bali-Uluwatu has everything a customer could wish for: first of all, a sophisticated contemporary design which results in a marriage between traditional Balinese forms and elegant Italian style; second, an intimate and peaceful atmosphere and impeccable high-quality service. Last but not least, a dreamlike natural landscape. One night in the mansions costs approximately $ 1,000, but just one dive into their infinity pools makes it worth it.

In a huge private area of gardens and villas, there are about 90 different swimming-pool and fountain installations, each requiring the service of several pool pumps, for keeping the water clean and clear. In total, there are more than 200 pumps, and the energy consumption is huge, along with the maintenance duty. The service manager of the resort evaluated attentively possibility to improve the installation and reduce the running cost.

Thanks to Eka Sudarmaya CR7, a sales engineer of CV Permata Pompa, the DAB Pumps Balinese business partner, the manager of Bulgari was convinced to give a chance to the Euroswim pump. After one-year trial of one pump only, the service manager was monitoring the behaviour and characteristics of the pump, registering a higher efficiency of the pump, a lower energy consumption, and a more silent operation. The collected data were good enough to convince the Service Manager to revamp most of the swimming pool filtration systems with the performant Euroswim.

A big supply of 92 Euroswim pumps and a series of sand filters made by DAB were provided to Bulgari Hotel, and all were installed in technical rooms placed exactly under the pool, with pumps working in positive suction head. The installation is perfect, in accordance to good practice rules. Euroswim was also much appreciated for its easy installation and serviceability.

Euroswim are now running 24 hours, 7 days, throughout the whole year, since in Bali it’s always summer. Reliability is also very high, and so far, not any issue has occurred. The customer is very satisfied, and more Euroswim are yet to be ordered, for installing in more swimming pools.