Where: Belgium
Installator: Thermo – Blankenberge
Client: SAX
Channel: Residential Building Service
Applications: Water boosting
Products: Esybox Max


Blankenberge, as many other villages on the Belgian coastline, is known for its scenic views from its 10-12 floor apartment buildings. In summertime, when everyone takes a shower after a day on the beach, pressure can drop significantly; this is why booster pumps are a must in this kind of buildings. Old on/off booster sets have long been replaced by booster sets with variable frequency drivers and expansion vessels, which provide more comfort and less power consumption. But there is more to it: today, a solution which is easy by definition has been chosen: the Esybox Max.

The customers needed to provide water to two 10-floor buildings, with 6-6.5 bar required at about 6m³/h, and they replaced an old on/off booster set with a pump which not only has all the components integrated in the system, but which also has connectivity integrated through the DConnect, with Wireless Communication and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. The Esybox Max 60/120 M is so easy to handle and to install, and so compact, that the installer needed no training to get it running!