Where: China
Installator: Shandong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
Client: Shandong Quanen Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Channel: Residential Building Service
Applications: Waste water
Products: Fekabox, Fekafos, Fekafos maxi, Feka VS, Feka VSL, NOVABOX


In the fascinating city of Jainan, among its traditional shops, its hidden courtyards and its modern architecture buildings, rises an elegant and sophisticated high-end villa district named the China Railway City.

The renowned Shandong Quanen Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, which is mainly engaged in engineering projects and retail operations for villas, high-end clubs and industrial customers, is the manager of the China Railway City project. Together with Shandong Construction Engineering, they have chosen DAB to supply their newly built 56 villas with imported equipment. In greater detail, the required tools specifications and quantity are: 56 sets of lifting stations FEKAFOS 280 D according to the EN 12050, equipped with sets of double pumps FEKA VS 750 M NA with vortex impeller, and NOVABOX, the automatic collection and lifting station.

The reason for this choice lies in the high quality of the products: in fact, the equipment has attractive appearance, excellent performance and, last but not least, operates reliably. Moreover, when comparing the polypropylene collecting and lifting station to the traditional septic pits, both FEKAFOS and NOVABOX stand out for their easy installation and maintenance; they therefore enjoy a high prestige among the customers. One wouldn’t expect more for such a fine and prestigious project..!