Webinar 2020


Webinar 2020
  • Category: D.Training

DAB doesn't stop. We think that training is one of our strengths, that's why we have found a solution to continue our courses in online mode.

We have set up training webinars of thirty or sixty minutes: a series of courses about our products or  about our general knowledge that you can freely choose, according to your needs or preferences.

The contents range from general topics such as the circulation or treatment of waste water, up to more specific subjects such as, for example, courses on new or already known products such as esybox diver, FX, DTron or Evosta.

The way to participate is very simple: just send an email to dabtraining@dwtgroup.com, indicating chosen topics, the email address of those who want to participate and a preference of date and time. In this way, it will be possible to agree on the moment of the webinar to be held on Skype Meetings.

An excellent opportunity to learn more about DAB and its products directly from your own home.